Sarkar Jewellers - About Us


Sarkar Jewellers, a jewellery brand was started as a small shop in the year 1934 in RatanPole by Shri Ambalal Sarkar. His sons Yogendrabhai and Dilipbhai then took over the brand and only turned it into a humongous brand existing even today. Sarkar Jewellers today is the epitome of excellent and unparalleled craftsmanship. It royally continues to provide magnificent and most unique designs for all the generations. When commenced into the business of jewellery, Shri Ambalal with his keen interest made Gold and Silver jewellery. However, with time his third-generation, today continues to serve a huge clientele and took the business to new heights by involving Jadtar and Diamond jewellery. Today, we proudly maintain our huge clients from all generations and avail top-notch services and designs to our customers. Sarkar Jewellers also aids with jewellery design renewing and maintain its everlasting pride by creating masterpieces. With new and specific collections like the Bridal collection, NRI collection, exclusive Vilandi collection our extremely talented artists create priceless jewellery pieces for people of all generations. All our Jadtar and Gold jewellery pieces are BIS Hallmarked and come with an elegance beyond match. We have climbed the staircase and opened yet another branch at CG Road, Ahmedabad with our team of skilful artists and customer service team. We exist with one simple motto of telling your story through our jewellery pieces and make sure that any inconvenience ceases to exist.


Sarkar Jewellers - A jewellery brand since 1934 for generations defining power, prestige and prosperity.